CDr in handpainted super jewelcase, 50 copies

Artwork by Chierichetti Editore

"Soundtrack To An Android's Dreams Is like listening to something that is actually only for real androids. I mean we got ears and can listen, but what do we actually hear as non Androids? The soundtrack to an android's dreams... which might be quite different than the soundtrack to human's dreams. In fact it made me think of those old commodore games that you had to play from a tape recorder to get them to play; if you just heard the audio of it they had been in their own spectacular data noises that after a long hiss and a fine collection of beeps somehow got into something interactive that would hopefully develop on a screen.

As a sound lover I could really appreciate these noises, probably enjoyed it more than anything that would appear on the screen, but I doubt any normal person would think the same way. I mean it's like sitting in the underground metro as it slips and rides over the rails towards the next station, sometimes creating the most horrible noises for commuters to sit through ‒ they might enjoy (or might not) the destination that these transport things are bringing them ‒ the noises are probably not their beloved thing of the journey ‒ they probably could do without. Not that Soundtrack To An Android's Dreams sounds anything like the sounds of riding in a metro, but maybe sometimes a bit ‒ just those high noisy frequencies ‒ probably more heard as you sit in a modern European speedy overground train as it rides over the rails to never arrive on time.

Point is that Soundtrack To An Android's Dreams is noisy, not the hardcore action based noise that you might come across at the local noise showcase in which human individuals lose some steam by torturing the air with unlistenable and unlikable ear deafening distortions, but more of the ambient kind ‒ it transforms just like data, sequences full of them that keep slowly morphing from one noise palette into the other, never letting us see the eventual imagine that a dreaming android probably might gain from them, but only leave us to the noises which only die hard fanatics might cherish on their own.

Maybe people into role-play, the ones that love to pretend to be actual androids will find their hail in these dreamy android data tracks, it will probably allow them to get a bit more insight to what is going on in the mind of a android as it is being uploaded some (I believe) fantastical images and adventures. Visiting a wonderful garbage dump? Dreaming of having a body without genitals?

To be fair, even if you aren't an android or a role player you should be able to appreciate these noises if you are into this kind of thing. They might not resemble melodies or please die hard jazz lovers, but they do have something chill about them. I guess it's like listening to something we don't and cannot understand, which in a way might be quite satisfying. Just give up trying to upload these noises to your own head in the hope to receive some wildest dreams & just listen to what Soundtrack To An Android's Dreams sounds to our human ears. Robotic data noise ambient that makes the inner ear drums thrill and shake with the high frequencies and probably not entirely give you the mood for a relaxing session as recommended by your local yoga guru. Personally I prefer listening to a Soundtrack To An Android's Dreams above any possible gong bath that these new age centres are making tons of money on ‒ so there is that. If you are an android; please upload this album to your mainframe and tell us later what fantastical things you have dreamt, or not..."


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